Office Of The Director General of Police,
State Police Headquarters,
Sikkim Police


"It has been our constant endeavor to present ourselves before the community as a responsible guardian of citizen's interests. Over the decades, Sikkim Police could progressively and successfully carve a niche for itself among the police forces of the country and emerge as a benchmark institution in Policing standards.
The reputation painstakingly built and the standards achieved in the delivery of services need to be sustained and carried forward in time. This is possible only through the exercise of invigorating our reflexes and resources and laying of a framework for wider participation of all the stakeholders.
While the modernization and capacity building pursuits add thrust to our delivery capabilities, we expect that the new and updated website would facilitate interactive interface and flow of feedback for maintaining 'relevance' of our pursuits to the stakeholders.
I call upon all the visitors to the site to derive greatest value from the service on offer through our website and spare time to extend constructive feedback for upgrading and adding value to our people friendly initiatives.
To my fellow colleagues, I extend warm greetings and assurance of creating an enabling environment for professional discharge of your responsibilities. Together we will be able to pool our individual commitments to the society and create a culture within the organization which is satisfying to us and at the same time fulfill at the same time the organizational goals.
I call upon you to join the efforts to elevate the underlying theme of 'Protect & Serve' to acquire a new meaning and value in the context of a rapidly transforming Sikkimese society."

With best wishes,


N.K. Mishra, IPS
Director General of Police
Email: dgp@sikkimpolice.nic.in